The Proceedings of the 19th Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association - Melbourne, 9-14 August, 2015.
Paper Presenter
Last Name First Name Paper Title Number
Abracado Mateus The evolution of Brazilian FPSO material handling systems 916
Adaramola Samson The Design of Workstation - Behavioural Pattern 1884
Adeyemi Ademola Multifactorial Analysis of Back Pain among Nigerian schoolchildren using backpacks 83
Adeyemi Ademola Level of Implementation of Ergonomic Based School furniture for Malaysian Children 89
Adeyemi Ademola   Musculoskeletal disorders in body regions and its associated risk factors among electronics workers in Malaysia 389
Adeyemi Ademola  Postural effect on muscular activities of Electronics workers in Malaysia 390
Adeyemi      Ademola       Backpack-Back Pain Complexity and the Need for Multifactorial Safe Weight Recommendation 2027
Adiatmika I Putu Gede Effect of linearity regulation on ergonomic education sustainability in Udayana University, Denpasar Bali 1129
Aickin Christine Journal Club - An alternative method for delivering professional development sessions 786
Aimers Nicole The effectiveness of aversive health warnings: Do they really work? 1701
Akselsson Roland The Goal Equivalence Model and Communication for Worker Participation 1892
Albayrak Armagan Facilitating rehabilitation after a total hip arthroplasty by design 926
Albolino Sara Ergonomics and Creativity in time of the economic crisis|Towards IEA2018 958
Albolino Sara Innovative practices for training in healthcare: impact on patient safety and patients involvement 1176
Anderson Janet Resilience Engineering and Quality Improvement in Healthcare 588
Anderson Janet Effect of single room hospital accommodation on staff experiences and the organisation of work 659
Andersson Torbjörn Understanding the user beyond "common sense" teaching product ergonomics to design engineering students 1275
Andrew Catherine Applying ergonomic principles to control a long term manual handling risk: Installation of Rio Bars 973
Antonovsky Ari Measuring the Influence of Human Factors on Maintenance Reliability 765
Ardana Gusti Ngurah Distinguishing characteristics of junior high school classroom interior design in Bali with ergonomics principles consideration to optimize students performance 1202
Aringer Carmen Experiences and results of a project in Austria to motivate SMEs for age-based workplaces 571
Ashby Liz The design and implementation of an exercise programme for the prevention and management of work-related upper limb disorders 1512
Bachwal Lavanya Creating innovative minds and self learning among the toddlers through e-technology 1063
Bagnato Emma MPE - Mental Protective Equipment- and workersª health care 609
Baker Richelle Can light under-desk cycling enhance cognitive performance during prolonged sedentary work? 1909
Balasubramanian Venkatesh Certification for Practicing Ergonomist – Quest for Global Standards 2029
Bao Stephen Pooling sub-task physical exposure data to study work-related carpal tunnel syndrome and epicondylitis 121
Bao Stephen Let's talk about office ergonomics - Points beyond tody's guidelines 122
Barbieri Dechristian Adjustable sit-stand tables in office settings: development of a system for controlled posture changes 606
Barcellini Flore When ergonomists meet each other online to discuss practices: A French-speaking example 1306
Batist‹o Mariana Vieira How to normalize electromyography signal in low back pain workers performing manual handling tasks– a systematic review 2022
Baysari Melissa A workshop on how to use the Work Observation Method by Activity Timing (WOMBAT) tool - An easy and precise way to quantify patterns of work and communication 367
Baysari Melissa What do junior doctors do during weekend shifts? A time and motion study 1059
Baysari Melissa Use and views of an electronic risk assessment tool for venous thromboembolism - a case for user-centred design 1060
Beck Donghyun An investigation on the optimal positioning of in-vehicle side-view displays: a comparison of five alternative display arrangements 1089
Begg Rezaul Gait adaptations to floor surface characteristics in a Virtual Reality environment: applications to the design of safer environments 999
Begg Rezaul Gait adaptations to floor surface characteristics in a Virtual Reality environment: applications to the design of safer environments 999
Bell Alison Lift that lid, unscrew that cap, pull that straw: the challenges of hospital food and beverage packaging for the older user 12
Bell Alison Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink: the challenge of bottled water provision to older users in hospitals 691
Bengler Klaus The Effect of Secondary Tasks on the perceived Seating Discomfort 1634
Bergamin Januario Leticia sEMG  normalization - a reliability study on females with and without trapezius myalgia 1325
Berglund Martina Situation awareness in production planning and scheduling 819
Berglund Martina Teaching ergonomics and human factors with a systems perspective 1537
Berglund Martina Emphasizing the interactive systems view in a masters program in Ergonomics and HTO 1540
Bergsten Eva Psychosocial work factors and musculoskeletal pain among Swedish flight baggage handlers 446
Bills Josephine ÒConserving the ConservatorÓ: A Participative Ergonomics Approach to Reduce the Risk of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders from Performing Conservation Treatment at Artlab Australia 538
Bin Makhtar Ahmad  A Comparison of BVP and ECG Data for Evaluation of Driver's Mental Workload Level 1715
Biquand Sylvain Why are psychosocial risks on the rise?  Human history and neo-Taylorism 1128
Biquand Sylvain Collaborative spaces: innovation, regulation and competition 1894
Bleckley M. Kathryn The Development of an Active Listening Test for Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Control Specialists 940
Blewett Verna Doing it Differently: group processes for research and practice 214
Blewett Verna SPAD-tacular: using the Future Inquiry Workshop to develop industry-level strategy on a wicked problem in Australia and New Zealand 2006
Blewett Verna The Future Inquiry Workshop in practice and research 385
Blewett Verna Work in art, art in work: [un]changing representations of work in the art of Kiron Sinha 463
Blewett Verna The role and impact of elected Health and Safety Representatives on Workplace Health and Safety in South Australia 1888
Bligard Lars-Ola EBooks as course literature in ergonomics and human factors 1289
Blocker Renaldo Cardiac surgical care: The characteristics of intraoperative handoffs 2023
Blome Mikael Introducing ergonomics visualisation and simulation for exploring design problems and solutions in workstation design on ships 572
Bobko Natalia Experience related changes in bioelectric brain activity of engineer-electronics at the air traffic control systems under round-o-clock service 1167
Boccara Vincent Designing a virtual environment for professional training from an activity framework. Dialog between ergonomists and computer scientists 325
Boccara Vincent Training design for a proposed job of operating the Remote Monitoring System for Risk Prevention (RMSRP) in French Nuclear Power Plants 1355
Bolis Ivan Opportunities for ergonomic action in organizations engaged in sustainability: A Case study 701
Bonin Dominik Evaluating the accuracy of markerless body tracking for digital ergonomic assessment using consumer electronics 884
Bonnardel Nathalie  Collaborative creativity in prospective design activities: An exploratory study of the influence of static vs dynamic personas in a virtual environment 2011
Boocock Mark The influence of experience on manual materials handling and its implications for training: a systematic literature review 397
Borchardt James G Workers' Changing Psychophysical Characteristics Require Prevention through Design (PtD) and Safety, Health & Ergonomic (SH&E) Strategies at Construction Worksites 343
Boudra Leila Taking into account the territorial dimension of work for sustainable work system. The case of waste sorting centers 957
Bouzid Abdel-Hakim Safety and Reliability Assessment of a Miniature Steam Generator 1407
Bowman Richard Using the Goldilocks principle and virtual reality environments to develop appropriate models for the risk of slipping 1000
Bowman Richard Using 3D laser scanning to improve the reliability of stairway geometry measurements 1082
Bowman Richard Use of 3D laser scanning stairway geometry data to better understand the risk of falls and enable improved stair regulations 1085
Bowman Richard Goldilocks, slip resistance and the wicked problem of falls prevention 1125
Bowman Richard A comparison of psychophysical assessments and physical slip resistance measurements 1232
Bowman Richard Falls prevention is a wicked topic 1247
Bowman Richard How valid are psychophysical assessments as an indicator of slip resistance? 1665
Boy Guy  The onboard Context-Sensitive Information System on commercial aircrafts 448
Boy Guy Andre On the complexity of situation awareness 1511
Boy Guy  Design of an onboard 3D weather situation awareness system 63
Bradtmiller Bruce Anthropometric Change in the US Army 1988-2012:  Implications for Design 713
Brady Ashleigh Future Operating Concept Development: A Further Application of Cognitive Work Analysis Beyond Human Factors and Engineering 471
Brakenridge Charlotte Changes in office workers' sitting time following an organisational-level intervention alone or with the support of technology-based self-monitoring: a cluster randomised controlled trial 1012
Brandl Christopher A new concept to support the ergonomic intervention process based on an analysis of working postures with OWAS 570
Brandt Mikkel Participatory intervention based on objectively measured physical risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders in the construction sector: Study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial 582
Brangier Eric Prospective ergonomics in the ideation of hydrogen energy usages 2014
Bridges Karl Adopt, Adapt, and Improve: Human Factors Assessment of a Driver Advisory System on a New Zealand Freight Rail Environment 506
Bringaud Violaine Assessing the documentation as part of an human factor engineering programme 190
Britton Shaun Communication-aid design for adults with complex communication needs. 1073
Broberg Ole Employee participation in product innovation: Crossing organizational boundaries by alignment of work systems 537
Broberg Ole A macro-ergonomic perspective on analyzing and designing knowledge transfer systems in engineering projects within the oil drilling industry 591
Broehl Christina Age differentiated analysis of the hand proximity effect in a visual search paradigm 596
Brouwers Sue Cue utilisation and performance in a rail monitoring, vigilance task 1208
BrŸck Benedikt Sensor fusion and human behavioral pattern analysis for vehicle occupancy detection 2031
Brunoro Claudio Corporate sustainability - corporate's perception, historical concepts and contribution of ergonomics 938
Brunoro Claudio The Influence of Organizational Factors on the Processes of Returning and Remaining at Work in the ICU:  Contributions of activity ergonomics 946
Buckley Katie The Role of Collaborative Engagement to Facilitate Understanding & Change: Vocal Ergonomics with High Performance Basketball Coaches 370
Buetzler Jennifer Investigation of the angle and age effect using Fitts' law for conventional information input 541
Buetzler Jennifer Age-robust cognitive ergonomic design of network diagrams in project management software: An empirical study of the effect of continuous edges on graph comprehension 542
Burgess-Limerick Robin Participative Ergonomics for Manual Tasks Risk Management Master Class 173
Burgess-Limerick Robin ErgoAnalyst: Innovative software to support the implementation of a participative ergonomics program 350
Burgess-Limerick Robin Whole-body vibration associated with surface coal mining equipment 368
Burgess-Limerick Robin Sugar-cane harvesting machine design 'in the field' 371
Burgess-Limerick Robin The use of simulation for the human-centred design of underground coal mine bolting machines 2000
Cabon Philippe Management of Dilemma under Sleep Deprivation in Anesthesiology Residents: a Simulation-Based Study 807
Çakõt Erman Correlation analysis between the occurrence of adverse events and infrastructure development in an active war theater 260
Calero Valdez Andre Reducing Complexity with Simplicity - Usability Methods for Industry 4.0 1288
Calvet BŽnŽdicte Using an ergonomic lens to foster Integrated Prevention and Gender equity 372
Camarotto Joao Application of Work Ergonomic Analysis in the return to work process of employees absent due to Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs) 680
Caple David Design of customer reception lobbies to minimise occupational violence risks 167
Caple David Senior management commitment to improve ergonomics in acute healthcare 347
Caple David Transition from open plan office design, to activity based work 447
Caponecchia Carlo Examining the predictive validity of the WOMBAT situation awareness pilot selection test 1078
Caponecchia Carlo The Naturalistic Flying Study: Innovation in General Aviation Safety Research and Risk Management 1097
Care Sheena A framework for defining how acceptable is acceptable: A threshold for subjective data 474
Carminati Sarah New technologies and safety in radiotherapy: study of appropriation during training 1135
Caroly Sandrine The relationship of female workers to nanomaterial-related risks: How do requests for ergonomic intervention emerge? 344
Caroly Sandrine Innovation and prevention of risks related to nanomaterials: what intervention for a prospective ergonomics? 695
Caroly Sandrine Gender division of labour on cattle farms and WMSD prevention strategies 699
Caroly Sandrine Designing work organization based on "occupational" collectives and "inter-occupational" relations: methodological implications of ergonomic interventions to prevent psychosocial disorders 826
Carta Gianna A constructive and participative approach to organizational analysis and redesign 1286
Casse Christelle Designing a lessons-learned system integrated in the collective practices of safety management 647
Cerda Eduardo Implementation of Ergonomics Program (Seven Step-Niosh Approach) to Prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders in a Chemical Company in Chile. Experiences 2009 to 2014 1760
Cerf Marianne Designing for transition in agriculture: addressing the gap between design and innovation 1339
Chaiklieng Sunisa Incidence and risk factors of work-related low back pain among university office staff 1199
Chang Wen-Ruey Gait adaptation on surfaces with different degrees of slipperiness 55
Chen Hsieh-Ching Assessment of Workload and Tool Use in Bathtub Scrubbing Task 634
Chen Chian-Huei Nurse cognition of medication adverse events 760
Chen Chien-Hsiung Effects of Wedge Design, Interaction Mode, and Viewing Perspective on User Wayfinding Behavior within a 3D Virtual Environment 835
Chen Hung-Jen The Effects of Joint-based Pointing Method and Control-Display Gain on Upper Extremity Fatigue in distal pointing 1573
Chen Ching-Chung The Cases Study of Occupational Falling and Slipping Incidents 1741
Cheng Andy S.K. The Effect of Job-specific Occupational Health Education Program on Prevention of Work-related Musculoskeletal Back Injury 310
Chi Chia-Fen Human Perception on Sound Quality of Passenger Vehicles 783
Chi Yu-Hung Enhanced Context of Accident Analysis and Classification - Digging Root Causes behind Causes 1304
Chi Chia-Fen Graphical Fault Tree Analysis for Fatal Falls in the Construction Industry 1652
Chim Justine M.Y. Effective Ergonomics Project on Implementation of FITS Office Ergonomics Program 98
Chung Amy Theory versus practice in the human factors and ergonomics discipline: Trends in journal publications from 1960 to 2010 1166
Chung Amy Worldwide student involvement in human factors and ergonomics societies: What can HFESA learn? 1172
Ciccarelli Marina Children's utilisation of allied health treatment to manage ICT-related pain 1349
Ciccarelli Marina Sedentary behaviours of schoolchildren using mobile technology in the classroom 1916
Coelho Denis A Comparison of Association among Ergonomic and Psychosocial Factors in Office and Field Utility Jobs 1001
Coelho Denis A Ergonomic Development of a Computer Pointing Device - a departure from the Conventional PC Mouse towards CAD Users 1200
Coenen Pieter Towards a better understanding of the effect of working postures on musculoskeletal symptoms - a longitudinal prospective study 364
Coenen Pieter Musculoskeletal pain is a barrier for sedentary behaviour interventions 1908
Coenen Pieter Mobile touch screen device use among young Australian children - first results from a national survey 1917
Coleman Jemma Trends in Military Anthropometry 508
Coman Robyn Manual Handling of People (MHP) Risk Management: a survey of aged care staff knowledge and understanding of environment related MHP risk control interventions 1223
Conceição Carolina Transferring knowledge from operations to the design and optimization of work systems: bridging the offshore/onshore gap 1477
Conroy Aileen Rapid Reported Risk Rating Tool in Health Care...... 2 minutes to make manual handling of people training relevant and efficient 754
Conroy Aileen 7 years to cross the road safely........ 'I'd rather get hit by a bus than have my trolley tip over' 772
Cooke Tristan Operability and Maintainability Technique Case Studies
Coronado Alejandro Determination of Allowances for Standard Time 1672
Couillaud Sarah Mutual learning in design process, when designers-for-use meet designers-in-use 1475
Couvinhas Ana Filipa The Field Diaries: an innovative participatory methodology 775
Coxon Selby An examination of platform and train passenger boarding, alighting and dispersal through innovative 3D agent based modelling techniques 727
Dale Ann Marie Comparison of three different assessments of workplace physical exposures applied to analysis of incident carpal tunnel syndrome 1564
Dale Ann Marie Use of voluntary controls for physical risks in Sheet Metal Work tasks 1612
Dale Anne Marie Residential Construction Foremen - Fall Prevention and Safety Communication Intervention 1361
Dara Sarita Impact of Fatigue Risk Management System on Fatigue and Situation Awareness in Intensive Care Unit Nurses 799
Das Banibrata Ergonomics evaluation of work related musculoskeletal disorder (WMSDs) among the female brick field workers of West Bengal, India 164
Davies Karen A strategic approach to healthcare facility and workforce commissioning 1213
De Beler Nathalie Design and deployment process of ICT tools, supporting the collaboration of teams involved in a project 1636
De Brito Prado Bruna Micro accessibility quality evaluation nearby school area for public transport users 1562
De Bruyne Mieke Influence of different stool types on muscle activity and lumbar posture in dentists during a dental screening task 1319
De Carvalho Paulo Expanding Ergonomics: Prospects and Pitfalls 2017
De La Garza Cecilia Experience feedback of an iterative evaluation process as part of a design project to support a Human Factors engineering program in the nuclear field 558
De La Vega Enrique Characterization of Musculoskeletal Disorders in the manufacturing industry in Sonora Mexico 1014
De Vries Linda Overcoming the challenges of integration of Human-centred Design within the Naval Architecture ship design process 1706
Delaruelle Dirk Ergonomic improvements go hand in hand with productivity in a logistic environment 45
Delgoulet Catherine Visibility and invisibility of some forms of weakening at work in five large French companies 1145
Delisle Alain Top-down estimation of joint moments during manual lifting using inertial sensors 1534
Detienne Francoise Analysing the evolution of online communities: developmental and narrative approaches 935
Dewangan Krishna Job demand and human-machine characteristics on musculoskeletal pain among female weavers in India 1703
Dewi Luciana Applying WISH Programme to Improve Productivity of Home Industry 365
Dodshon Philippa Using Bow Tie analyses to enhance accident investigation activities 352
Draicchio Francesco Ergonomics journal abstracts: Content and text analysis from 1994 to 1998 and from 1998 to 2013 948
Dsingh Ajita Dietary Intake and physical activity as a measure of  Posture analysis  Found Among School Going Girls and Boys of 12 To 14 Years of age 1702
Duffett Alan An intervention by VWA (Regulator of OH&S and Workers Compensation in Victoria, Australia) in the Wholesale Storage Industry to reduce injuries particularly those associated with manual order picking. 497
Dul Jan Integration of macro, meso, and micro ergonomics for delivering High-Quality Human Factors and Ergonomics (HQ-HFE) for business performance 931
Dunstan David Reducing prolonged sitting in the office workplace: The Stand Up Australia program of research  1904
Duraj Victor Orchard ladders with shorter rung spacing for stone fruit harvest 1264
Durso Francis Human Systems Integration: Research and Promotion 1095
Edwards Mark A Preliminary Anthropometry Standard for Australian Army Equipment Evaluation 102
Edwin Marion Dehydration in New Zealand fishing vessel crews 1501
Eisert Jesse Using The Method Of Adjustment To Enhance Collision Warning Perception 278
Ek Åsa  Perceived workplace safety culture among Swedish electricians 806
Ek Åsa  Education into the future - Human factors courses with systems perspectives 1903
Eklund Jorgen Interactive research – a strategy for ergonomics interventions 1433
Eklund  Jšrgen  A practitioner model for assessing manual lifting and lowering operations - included in the RAMP tool 611
Elford Wendy Using (near) real time data to bring ergonomics into a collaborative design process 1183
Elford Wendy Using Sensemakerš to assess productivity and health outcomes for a new building design and flexible work 1236
Endsley Tristan Measuring Culture: Evaluating Measures and Methods 955
Endsley Mica A Model of Organizational Situation Awareness (SA): Macroergonomic Factors Impacting SA in Organizations 990
Faber Marco Adaptive assembly sequence planning with respect to ergonomic work conditions 627
Fathallah Fadi ILO Practical Tools on Ergonomic Solutions to Occupational Safety and Health Hazards in Agriculture
Finsterbusch Thomas A New Methodology for Modelling Human Work - Evolution of the Process Language MTM towards the Description and Evaluation of Productive and Ergonomic Work Processes 330
Fischer Klaus Capacity building for sustainable supply chain management - HFE contributions 1174
Fischer Klaus Symposium Proposal 1 Human Factors and Sustainable Development 1181
Fischer Klaus Symposium Proposal 2 "Human Factors and Sustainable Development" 1189
Flamard Laetitia The impact of organisational changes on work team: consolidation or deterioration? 403
Forsman Mikael Usability of six observational risk assessment methods 971
Forsman Mikael Reliability in twelve ergonomists' three-category risk ratings in ten video recorded work tasks 1412
Forsman Mikael Observational Risk Assessment Methods 1413
Forward Rosalind Influencing nationally recognised training programmes for the purpose of applying evidence based manual task training across Australia 505
Fostervold Knut Inge Exploring the impact of incorporating lighting design in universal design processes by means of eye-movement recordings 1313
Franz Benjamin Evaluation of the SAGAT method for highly automated driving 154
Fraser Margo Integrating Ergonomics/Human Factors (E/HF) into the Design Process at a Petrochemical Manufacturing Company: Successes, Failures and Barriers 847
Fray Mike An evaluation of the biomechanical risks for a range of methods to raise a patient from supine lying to sitting in a hospital bed 1318
Fray Mike Developing a worldwide method for cost benefit analysis for safe patient handling interventions, to be completed by safe patient handling practitioners. A pilot study 1324
Freivalds Andris Validation of the Kinect System for Industrial Motion Analysis 338
Fukuzumi Shinichi International cooperation of certification accreditation professional ergonomists 304
Fukuzumi Shinichi The role of certified professional ergonomist and the positioning in industry in Japan 534
Furnell Alistair Scoping Analyses for the Anthropometric Survey of the Royal Australian Navy (ASRAN) 188
Galindo Helen Safety Learning System: reporting work, health and safety in a patient safety system  1111
Gallagher Sean Results of a systematic review of the interaction between force and repetition: Evidence of a causal fatigue failure process in musculoskeletal tissues 969
Gallagher Sean A fatigue failure-based ergonomics assessment tool for low back disorders: The Low Back Cumulative Trauma Index (LBCTI) 1363
Gangopadhyay Somnath Rolling mills of West Bengal, India: Present scenario and scope for improvement 255
Gardiner Sue Reducing the risk of MSD for nurses during IV bladder irrigation procedures 2028
Ge Chang The effect of product style on consumer satisfaction: Regulation by product involvement 707
Gembarovski Alison Psychosocial factors and musculoskeletal disorders - the challenges for the Victorian Regulator 1159
Gemma Sandra The work of outsourced cleaning agents in a public university 43
Gemma Sandra The work in the jewelry manufacturing 437
German Josephine Ergonomically-Designed Light Rail Transit (LRT) Cart for Persons with Special Cases (PSCs) 2008
Ghibaudo Lidia The importance of physical assessment to validate virtual simulation assembly tasks scenario 556
Ghibaudo Lidia Software to manage allocation of workers on manufacturing productive units. 560
Gilkey David Developing Innovative Partnerships to Reduce Deaths from All-Terrain Vehicle use in Agricultural Operations 682
Gilson Nicholas Project Energise: Using participatory approaches and real time prompts to reduce occupational sitting and increase physical activity in office workers 1910
Goebel Matthias Western Management styles and African culture - compatiblity issues and propects in industrial organization in Southern Africa 1404
Goebel Matthias The impact of the quality of fluorescent light tubes on performance, work strain and well-being of office workers 1423
Gontar Patrick Pilots' Decision-Making under High Workload: Recognition-Primed or Not - An Engineering Point of View  1836
Goossens Richard Ergonomic design requirements for a safe grip to prevent falling of older persons in the bathroom 1295
Goto Lyè  Analysis of a 3D Anthropometric Data Set of Children for Design Applications 1418
Gotteland Corinne Work analysis of supervisors as a design activity of frameworks developed by daily and occasional microprojects 597
Gotteland Corinne Supporting energy transitions. Project management as a learning device and accompanying professional transitions 603
Graf Maggie Should we recommend people to stand more than sit at work? 1604
Gregg Sarah Human Factors of Run Through Switches in US Rail Operations 2009
Gron Sisse Chronicle workshops - a participative method to develop workplaces 1895
Gron Sisse Champions in workplace development 1920
Gruginski Bianca Ergonomic analysis of immunization activity in a Health Unit in Brazil 1484
Gruginski Bianca Postural analysis of seafood farmers through the use of motion sensors 1779
Gruginski Bianca Ergonomic Analysis of Work in a Marine Mollusc Farm in Southern Brazil 1790
Gu Xiuzhu Validating dialysis patient satisfaction scale by its correlation with healthcare performance indicators 387
Guida Hilka Flavia Corporate ergonomics programmeatan Energy Brazilian Company 967
Guida Hilka Flavia Ergonomic Work Analysis applied to Water Treatment Plants: integrating knowledge and promoting work conditions and process performance improvements 974
Gustafsson Susanne Rethinking potential connection between gender, work- and family life and how to link the emerging reasoning to well-being 927
Gustafsson Ewa Texting on mobile phone and musculoskeletal symptoms. A 5 years cohort study 1900
Gutierrez Alma  An Evaluation of the Factors in Comprehensibility of Industrial Safety Signs for the Color Vision Deficient Population 128
Gutierrez Alma A multi-dimensional study on the relationship of emotional intelligence to the multitasking ability of nursing students: A structural equation modelling approach 132
Gyles Donald Coordination and Cooperation in Air Traffic Control (ATC) 1065
Habib Rima The changing status of Syrian women migrant farm workers: from seasonal worker to refugee and worker 116
Haight Joel The Design and Use of Automated Control Systems; where does the human operator optimally fit in? State of the Literature and Proposed Research 2001
Halle Stephane Cooling technologies for reducing thermal constraints in deep underground mines: OHS challenges 1311
Hallstrom Kristina Functional Healthcare Design for Mobilization and Ergonomics - Based on Patient Mobility 196
Hallstrom Kristina Improving quality of care and workflow, by optimising the working conditions - a case study on a Danish Nursing Home 1379
Hancock Gabriella A Heuristic-Based Re-Evaluation of the IBM Academic Initiative Project Interface 333
Hancock Peter Pleasure: Goal or by-product of optimal design? 1882
Hanson Lars Virtual Verification of Human Robot Collaboration in Truck Tyres Assembly 883
Harris Courtenay Can iPad applications promote pre-primary children's fine motor skills development? 1912
Harris Courtenay Relationships between social skill, problem behaviours and exposure to social networking sites amongst adolescents 1915
Harris Adamson Carisa Personal, psychosocial, and biomechanical risk factors for work disability from carpal tunnel syndrome: a pooled prospective study 1373
Hartnagel David How emotional intelligence influences residents' emergency care activity? 956
Hashimoto Daisuke Influence of posture awareness signals to the upper extremity posture and muscular loads during mobile device use 735
Haslam Roger The granting of a Royal Charter: an anachronism or a major development for ergonomics and human factors? 1362
Hassall Maureen Improving human control of hazards in industry 459
Heddad Nadia Work, Space and Organisation, a performance issue 1630
Hehir Stephen Safe Design of a Parcel Sorting System 189
Heiden Marina Prediction of trunk and shoulder postures in paper mill workers by statistical modelling ‰ÛÒ an empirical validation study 608
Helander Martin EQUiD and Affective Design 1147
Helin Kaj Usability of ARgh! AR-system for on-the-job learning - Usability tests in mixed reality lab 778
Hellig Tobias Requirement analysis of multimodal human-machine interfaces for machine tools 1839
Helton William Cornering Law: The Need for Further Research and Development 34
Hely Max Effects of automatic train protection on driver performance, behaviour and workload 1695
Hembecker Paula Karina Ergonomics evaluation of an packaging workstation in a electric supply industry 321
HemphŠlŠ Hillevi  Visual Ergonomics Lighting Workshop 1119
Hernandez Guillaume Five unexpected effects of HOF actions of improvement in risk industries 649
Hignett Sue Community care: Injury risks for patients and staff when care is provided by solo or team working 157
Hignett Sue Workshop Title: What do healthcare staff need to know about Human Factors & Ergonomics? Defining core competencies and accredited educational and training providers 208
Hignett Sue International Panel on Patient Handling Ergonomics (IPPHE) 232
Hignett Sue Healthcare Ergonomics: Reaching out into all areas of Clinical Practice (or Touching and Analyzing the Elephant) 1942
Hignett Sue Using Human Factors & Ergonomics to tackle Slip, Trips and Falls risks in Care Environments
Hinckfuss Kelly Novel pulse oximetry sonification for monitoring preterm neonates on oxygen support 1080
Hino Yasumichi Simple countermeasure for prevention of fall from portable ladder and residential roof 207
Hirsch Lily Clutching at holds: Railway carriage design and passenger placement decisions in Mumbai, India 1586
Hochi Yasuyuki Effects of the Organization Development of First-Year Experience and Developed Evaluation Scale in Japan: Focused on the Psychosocial Aspects among Freshman of University 1225
Hofmann Thomas Adaptive Products - emotional bond by polymorphic objects? 1194
Hofmann Thomas Steps towards an Augmented Reality workspace for Air Traffic Controllers 1196
Hogberg Dan Identification of redundant boundary digital human models 1742
Holden Richard Examining patient work: The who, what, where, and why of chronic illness self-care 870
Holtermann Andreas The combined relationship between occupational physical activity and self-reported cardiorespiratory fitness with cardiovascular disease mortality: A Prospective Investigation in the Copenhagen City Heart Study 341
Holtermann Andreas Can a multi-component intervention reduce sitting time among office workers? A randomized controlled workplace trial 1907
Horberry Tim Human Centred Design for Mining Equipment and New Technology 174
Horrey William Engagement in distracting tasks: Subjective and physiological responses to interesting and boring information and the implications for driving performance 855
Horrigan Ken Using Ergonomics to Develop a Positive Safety Culture 473
Horrigan Ken Neuroscience: The Brains Behind Behaviour Based Safety 547
Houghton Rob Interface design for prognostic asset maintenance on the underground railway 1384
Hsiao Hongwei Structural Firefighting Glove Sizing and Use 273
Hsiao Hongwei Body Models of Occupational Groups for Special Vehicle Design Applications 274
Huang Ding Hau Judgment of perceived exertion by static and dynamic facial expression 1137
Huang Ding Hau Comparison of Borg- and Facial pictorial-RPE for perceived exertion 1144
Hughes Gareth Developing Human Factors Standards for a Transport Organisation 1462
Hunter Rodney Loading profile of the landing foot on stair treads and their nosings during descent 1863
Hunter Rodney Photographic study of stair ascent and descent on public stairways 1864
Huysmans Maaike Predicted physical exposures during computer use were related to neck-shoulder symptoms in a large cohort of office workers 939
Huysmans Maaike Interventions to reduce sedentary behaviour and increase physical activity during productive work - Preliminary results of a systematic review 1906
Ibrahim Nurul Ikhmar Voice Control Interfaces: When, how and why they are used by drivers in Australia 1214
Inoue Tetsuri Evaluation of Visual Fatigue and Sense of Presence for CAVE-like multi-projection display 670
Ipsen Christine Management across distances - how to ensure performance and employee well-being 580
Iwaasa Takumi A Field Study towards Revitalization of Aging Cities in Japan 1204
Jackson Heather Profiling the features of risk control culture in the NSW mining industry using automated text analysis 470
Jacob  Alexandre Human Factors study at a national bank agency 1050
Jahn Michelle Developing Medication Safety Training Applications with Software Patients for Human Teams 685
Jakobsson Marianne Work environment and patient safety during planning, design and procurement of workspace for advanced medical equipment. 801
James Tamara The State of Mobility Assessments - Use and Relationship to Falls Prevention and Patient Lift Equipment 995
Jensen Per Langaa Crucial theory for practical work and research in human factors in organisational design and management (ODAM) 1885
Jeon Myounghoon Lessons from Emotional Driving Research 235
Jesso Matthew Music Interventions during a Sustained Attention Response Task 1442
Johansson Gerd Working and living with home care - a workplace for one, a home for the other 652
Johnson Peter Assessment of Continuous and Impulsive Whole Body Vibration Exposures in Heavy Equipment Mining Vehicles 426
Johnson Peter Reduced Exposure to Whole Body Vibration Improves Low Back Pain Among Professional Truck Drivers: A Randomized Controlled Trial Study 862
Johnston Venerina Alteration in head and neck posture with typing under superimposed stress in female office workers 575
Johnston Venerina Can novice health professionals be trained to undertake a people handling risk assessment 747
Jones Monica L.H. A pilot study of three-dimensional equipped anthropometry for workspace design 1067
Jones April Exploring Body Stressing Injuries in the Construction Industry: A Project conducted by an Australian Safety Authority 373
Jones Monica Effects of protective equipment and body borne gear on seated maximum reach envelopes 1033
Judon Nathalie Creating intermediate objects to find the prevention. Case of road work of coatings 641
Jung Jaemoon Designing a single-configuration physical product for population on the basis of user preference data 1107
Kaber David Systems Safety Analysis: From Inductive to Deductive Techniques 120
Kadefors Roland Differences between occupations with respect to exit from working life 1889
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