Proceedings of the 51st Annual Conference of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia

Peer-Reviewed Papers

Danellie Lynas - Whole-body vibration exposures at underground coal mining operations (Lynas.pdf)

Sara Pazell - Case Study: Process and Outcome Review of a Participative Ergonomics Project in an Asphalt Production Plant (Pazell1.pdf)

Eryn Grant - Exposing resistant problems in complex systems: a review of accident tenet (Grant.pdf)

Sara Pazell - Rio Tinto Weipa: The Value Proposition of Good Work Design (Pazell2.pdf)

Vanessa Cattermole - Using Cognitive Work Analysis to analyse emergency responder team coordination at traffic incidents (Cattermole.pdf)

Jennifer Long - Healthy, safe, comfortable and productive workplaces: A visual ergonomics perspective (Long.pdf)

Slide Presentations

Prof Sharon Parker - The Psychology of Work Design: What We Know and New Directions (Parker.pdf)

AProf Maureen Hassall - Human factors of critical risk control (Hassall.pdf)

Dr Neelam Naikar - Designing for self-organisation in complex sociotechnical systems through extensions of cognitive work analysis (Naikar.pdf)

Satyan Chari - Participatory design improves hospital  patient safety interventions (Chari.pdf)

Prof Sarah Sharples - Human Factors and Automation:  Past. Present and Future (Sharples.pdf)

Prof Paul Salmon -  The force awakens: Systems thinking and the design of safe, productive, and healthy systems (Salmon.pdf)

Daisy Veitch - Tactile correct teaching model for students to learn clinical breast examination (Veitch.pdf)

Prof David Caple - Safe and productive design through the retail supply (Caple.pdf)